John Bell, guest minister at the Church of Scotland inside Amsterdam's Begijnhof

John Bell, guest minister at the Church of Scotland inside Amsterdam’s Begijnhof

A Pastor’s Friendships: Transitions and Social Media,

Pastoral friendships are a unique, special and sometimes confusing experience. As a young man, I was deeply influenced by my pastors. I remember numerous wonderful conversations with my youth pastor—he encouraged my developing abilities to play piano by ear; we enjoyed a Saturday chopping wood; he listened as I confided personal struggles; and he planted the seeds that would eventually sprout into my own pastoral vocation. But I also remember youth events when he was busy with Continue reading


According to Jesus, every Bible scholar whom the Spirit has discipled for God’s reign is like a householder who brings out of their storeroom new treasures as well as old.Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam

I want to be like that householder.

This blog is my way of bringing various items into the light, so that you can help me distinguish which are treasures and which are not. I look forward to what we’ll discover.


P.S. My goal is to include one blog a month on praying.