The Lord’s Prayer


The Lord’s Prayer—perhaps more helpfully referred to as Jesus’ Prayer, since it incorporates the kinds of prayers he himself prayed during his adult life—is, in my opinion, the best prayer and model for prayer that Christians can use. In a few weeks, I’ll be speaking about the Lord’s Prayer in my home church, which this year has been incorporating that prayer into many of its worship services for the first time.

Unexpectedly—and providentially—I came upon a marvellous setting of the Lord’s Prayer online this morning. This setting was created as a commercial by the Church of England in 2015, to be shown in movie theatres during that year’s Advent season. (You can read an inspiring article about the commercial, and how it was not shown, by clicking on the article’s cheeky title, “Seven Reasons to Ban the Lord’s Prayer.”)

I welcome you to play and replay the video, letting it shape your own prayers today.

Click here to play (and pray) the Lord’s Prayer.


(P.S. I’ve not posted anything on this blog for quite a few months, mainly because I’ve been doing some work for my church’s provincial denomination.)

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